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Tropical Impression Racing was founded by Lt. Tommy Hansen and Tony Munoz in 1997. The team is proud of our affiliation with Beat The Heat, a unique non-profit organization of Firemen and Law Enforcement Officers from throughout the world. This unique program uses Drag Racing vehicles set up like pursuit vehicles. The vehicles are used to educate our youth about a number of areas of concern such as Drug Abuse, Drinking and Driving, Street Racing and Staying in School. The program also focuses on the concept of teamwork. The vehicles serve as excellent tools in helping to knock down the wall, that on many occasions exist between kids and law enforcement officers, or figures of authority.

The car is a 1981 Pontiac Trans AM that was originally seized from a drug dealer. It later served as a DARE car for Galveston Police Department. In 1997, the car was donated to Tropical Impression Racing where it began the transition to a drag racer. The car is powered by a 502 cubic inch GM Performance engine making approximately 650 hp and 600 ft. lb. of torque. The transmission is an Island Transmission Turbo 400 with a Trans King 4000 rpm stall converter. This all travels through a GM 12 bolt rearend with 4.10 gears. The car runs the quarter mile in 10. 15seconds at 135 mph.

The theme of our program is "RACING FOR EDUCATION". Three of our four goals state specifically a goal of some kind of education.  We focus on educating persons of all ages with youth being our primary target group about the dangers and legal issues connected to illegal street racing. We also encourage these young people to STAY IN SCHOOL AND OFF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.

The vehicles are also used to help at-risk, less fortunate and handicapped kids as well as young adults. These special folks are treated as honorary team members and are given the opportunity to directly participate in various types of events, from races to parades. The teams also participate in many events that area dedicated to raising money and awareness for various organizations such as the Ronald Mc Donald House and the Galveston County Children’s Advocacy Center.

With our cars we are able to break down some of the barriers that naturally exist between youth and authority figures. In most situations the average youth will not approach a law enforcement officer for casual conversation. However, due to the race cars and the soft approach of no guns and badges they feel very comfortable in communicating with the officers. Mission accomplished ! 

BEAT THE HEAT, INC. also offers alternative extra-curricular activity for those who wish to help the team with our programs. The sport of drag racing is truly a family style sport that allows folks of all ages to participate. This allows any one of any age to participate in assisting our team in our programs, from school programs to racing events.

The Tropical Impression Racing Team uses our car to help at-risk, less fortunate and handicapped children as well as young adults. These persons are treated as honorary team members and are given the opportunity to attend and directly participate in various types of events from races to parades. These kids are V.I.P.'s. Participation in the program is a good deal of FUN. We invite everyone to participate and enjoy the good fun and fellowship.

BEAT THE HEAT, INC. and the Tropical Impression Racing Team is a not for profit corporation recognized as tax exempt by the State of Texas and the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. All donations are tax-deductible.Our program survives on donation from members of the community. For more information on sponsoring our program email us at tiracing1@aol.com                                                                                                                                    Tropical Impression Racing is totally funded by donations and dedication only!!!


To Educate the youth of our communities about the issues of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse

To Educate everyone to the horrors of alcohol and drug impaired driving

To Promote a better understanding between Law Enforcement and the Community

To Educate the general public about drag racing and encourage everyone not to race in the street.

"Smoking the Tires, Not Dope!"
"Street Racing is not Drag Racing."

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